24 on the Billboard pop charts in January 1962. ", The Golden Era of Soul Singles Brings International Acclaim-1964-65. ", Hall's work ethic began to grate on Stafford and Sherrill, who took luxurious breaks for movies and long, philosophical discussions. My confidence level went up — way up. I run my own artist management company called All Red. "  Within a year, Joiner sold his Spar interest to Stafford for $900, devoting more time to his own Tune projects. He took with him the name they created for their business — Florence Alabama Music Enterprises (FAME). There are 200+ professionals named "Tom Stafford", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. "It was thought that Billy was the talent, the genius," Hall said. This email address is being protected from spambots. Instagram. Musicians Briggs, Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, Donnie Fritts, Billy Sherrill, Rick Hall, Bill Blackburn, Earl Montgomery and Arthur Alexander all spent their spare time "upstairs" at Spar, writing songs and recording demos. I have started a blog on music industry related stuff. That same year, Sherrill left for Nashville, where Sam Phillips hired him to work as the engineer in his new Nashville studio. In an article written by psychologist Tom Stafford for BBC, the psychology of "earworms" (catchy songs) is discussed.These songs are referred to as earworms due to their parasitic characteristics; their entrance and exit from our mind cannot be controlled and despite our best efforts they may refuse to leave. Tom Stafford. "When I cut that song, everybody here knew who I was talking about." Source:  Rick Hall Biography - ARTISTdirect Music, Listen: Amazon.com: Arthur Alexander: Songs, Albums, Pictures, Bios, Listen: Percy Sledge - Download Percy Sledge Music on iTunes, Listen:Amazon.com: The Staple Singers: Songs, Albums, Pictures, Bios, Listen: The Staple Singers - Download The Staple Singers Music on iTunes, Listen: Amazon.com: Slow Train Coming (Reis): Bob Dylan: Music, Listen: Slow Train Coming by Bob Dylan - Download Slow Train Coming on iTunes, Listen: 3614 Jackson Highway by Cher - Download 3614 Jackson Highway on iTunes, Listen: Amazon.com: 3614 Jackson Highway: Cher: Music, Contact: "He just made this exciting place for us. Joiner agreed, put down his money, and Spar Music … I've got a keen interest in marketing, publishing and artist management. It was first located above the City Drug Store in Florence, Alabama. document.write('span>'); In 1959, Mr. Hall, Mr. Sherrill and a third partner, Tom Stafford, started FAME as a demo-recording studio and music publisher. "Jingle Bells" was the first song broadcast from space, in a Christmas-themed prank by Gemini 6 astronauts Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra. Hall was determined to make it in Nashville, and he made no secret that he wanted to become rich and successful as quickly as possible. "I was batting a thousand," Hall said. In 1959, Alexander, billed as "June" Alexander, and Tom Stafford wrote and recorded "Sally Sue Brown" at Stafford Publishing and Recording, more commonly known as SPAR Studio in Florence.The record was released in summer 1960 on the Judd label. Check out Home Now by Tom Stafford on Amazon Music. We have an object, looks like a satellite going from north to south, up in a polar orbit. By the late '60s, Sherrill had become Music City's top producer, helming hits for George Jones and Tammy Wynette (including "Stand By Your Man," which he co-wrote) and reviving the career of former Sun artist Charlie Rich. Alexander's music had a profound impact on '60s music. I've got a keen interest in marketing, publishing and artist management. In 1961 Rick Hall would sell his part of the company back to the other owners, keep the name FAME and build his own studio in … Then, in 1964, Hall produced his second R&B smash, Jimmy Hughes' "Steal Away." One thing led to another, and Hall was invited to leave. Listen to music by Emac D. Koba on Apple Music. //-->\n "In fact, the feeling was that you hadn't made it until you'd played there." document.write('<\/a>'); Stream songs including "October's Always Sad", "Play Thunder" and more. After a period of heavy drinking and depression, Hall had set up another studio in the Muscle Shoals area in 1961 when Tom Stafford approached him with an artist and a song he thought had a chance to hit big. The caller that day, Tom Stafford, asked Joiner to invest in a new musical enterprise that would include a publishing company and small recording studio above the City Drug Store, at the intersection of Tennessee and Seminary streets in downtown Florence. We have two acts, both of whom are awesome. "Whenever anybody left his band, you always had a lot of great musicians waiting in line to take their place." MORE FROM TOM STAFFORD: ‘Spiritual giant’ spreads comfort through music in final days . Download our mobile app now. Listen to The Good, The Bad, The Confusion of Her... by Emac D. Koba & Tom Stafford on Apple Music. ", Fritts, a Florence songwriter and musician, said Stafford sensed that something big was about to happen in Muscle Shoals music. "Every artist I had of note played the Sheffield Community Center," Phillips said. In 1962 he published "Six Days on the Road." The Day Two Astronauts Said They Saw a U.F.O. Music. The song was written and sung by Alexander. document.write(''); The track, issued by Dot Records, reached No. Find Tom Stafford credit information on AllMusic. Accepting submissions and adding them daily. Stafford has edited 13 special issues of notable journals including Communications of the ACM, IEEE Transactions and MIS Quarterly. document.write(''); Incl. Headliners ranged from Hank Williams to Louis Armstrong. document.write('
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