They have a very low shedding, allergy friendly coat, requiring occasional grooming. 0427733555. $7990. In caring and managing of our speciality breed puppies, we work closely with our vet to ensure they have the best possible health care. Welcome to oakies puppies, we are a small breeding kennels located on 22 acres of beautiful rural nsw, we specialise in Ruby cavoodles and gold and cream spoodles, and also occasionally purebred miniature poodles. Breeder Karakush. Showing 1 - 16 of 390 Breeders. mc 956000013356066 Afghan Hound. Pups leave here freshly groomed. Our dogs enjoy a normal family life, living on a farm with beautiful gardens, paddocks and dams to swim in and are never confined to small filthy cages inside dark sheds. Cavoodle, Groodle and Spoodle puppies: To adopt one of these beautiful puppies, please contact Lea During our Business Hours on 0427 797 498 to place a holding deposit. 02 4636 6827. A lot of pedigree dogs are non shedding, not just poodles. Afghan Hound. Oscars law defines it as " a place where puppies are bred for profit ". All CharlieOoodles Puppies include: *Vet check and fit to fly certificate (if travelling within 10 days of vet check additional charges may be incurred if we need to hold the puppy for you for an extended period and need to do a second vet check) *1st C3 Vaccination *Micro-chipped *Up to date worming *Food (enough for a minimum of 5 days) Our puppies are first generation spoodles, (English Cocker Spaniel x toy poodle) with mum avail One of two golden girls in this litter, this girl is delightful. The advantage of buying a pedigree is that you will spend about the same as you would for a designer mongrel but you will get a dog with generations of history and carefull breeding a good idea of … Our Spoodles are small to medium sized dogs, fully grown at approx 8-12kg and 35-40cm high. Breeder Calahorra. A 'puppy farm' may sound like a magical place, where pint-sized moodles, spoodles and cavoodles cavort atop green pastures, but the reality is something very different indeed. You must satisfy yourself that any puppy you may decide to acquire is healthy, sound and meets your requirements. Earlier this year, the owners of a Victorian 'puppy farm' pleaded guilty to 240 charges of animal cruelty following a raid of their Pyramid Hill farm. The RSPCA defines a puppy farm as "an intensive dog breeding facility that is operated under inadequate conditions that fail to meet the dogs' behavioural, social and/or physiological needs". and focus on the Quality, Health and soundness of the puppies we breed, rather than mass numbers for profit. It is crucial that your puppy becomes used to grooming, as this will become … Available From: 9 Jan 2021. Call now to add her to your family. Here at Liberty, we are also groomers and have 3 groomers on site at our home/farm, we work as a family unit, so bathing/grooming routines/nail clipping for our puppies/dogs are established at a very young age. view details. Stunning Spoodle Puppies for sale in Goulburn NSW - Stunning Spoodle Puppies

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