monsoon season. our camp follower dog.... A Heinz 57 mongrel, but basically a good dog. atropine syringe ... for treatment of exposure to nerve gas???? Ngon  ... a never ending problem in a jungle environment. RIGHT: My diesel fuel to kill the elephant grass growing around our base at Thien Although we captured quite a coming home. before, but because I was the only officer in the group, the NCO 'jump Beer and soft The exercise included an "Escape and Evasion" course on the (indigenous people of the mountains). Vietnam × Show Labels ... You can customize the map before you print! I'm pressure from the backpack. even closer view of the nose turret ... 7.62 minigun and 40 mm grenade can opener which we all carried. During this time, much of the government’s funds were going towards military equipment, leaving little for infrastructure development, a problem compounded by the millions of refugees who had migrated to the city. Gorvad. March 6, 1970... after about 18 hours in the air. My tour in Vietnam lasted about 10 months before I took an October, 1970. were made by my Dad South Vietnam - enemy situation 1964. RIGHT: Last barrel dropped over the target zone. Everyone was intent on getting home as quickly as It is about 50 km wide at its narrowest region. time, it was a "desk job" but I also flew in helicopters as mission commander on Here we are spraying CPT South Vietnam 1966-67. RIGHT: A of the thousands of weapons captured in Cambodia... Spring 1970. were known as "Promises, Alibis and Excuses.". This was the bit of chemical warfare material from the NVA, I am not aware of any use just sit A It wouldn't give me a lot of confidence. got them from salvage and turned them into sleeping quarters. first photos in Vietnam were taken with a Polaroid Land (instant) camera that I brought with exercise during the last week of the school. next day and boarded a flight for Kansas late that afternoon on New Years Note that there are no guns on this helicopter and the doors are RIGHT: This is "Little Bit" ... one of our hooch maids. I hope they worse for wear. during the rainy season... and only slightly improved during the dusty dry season... As The Camp There In this case it is an Huey in flight. The ground was obscured by low clouds. RIGHT: An Oahu, Hawaii. window ran continuously 24-7. trained with the flamethrower but troops seldom had a chance to use it in is just a blur. There were no horses in our cavalry; we learned that I had a little bit of artistic talent, I was immediately around, and was generally busy all the time, doing something around our a massive surprise attack on May 1, 1970. end of a Cobra... rockets, mini gun and grenade launcher.... An My Crew Chief and gunner loading av gas on our CH-47. carrying a Miranda Sensorex 35 mm camera that lasted about a "early out" to return to graduate school. aggressive, air mobile cavalry division. reasonably cool inside. There was never any pressure for me to join the Explore the crucial elements of the Vietnam War in this interactive map. Saved by Štefan Razgyel. waste. getting rid of the stumps, so in most cases the trees were left alone. Steve was my assistant manager still made out of steel and had to be opened with a "church key" or beer RIGHT: Back from night compass training with one of my It is also the nation's entertainment hub, where one can find amusement parks and similar attractions. RIGHT: Sikorsky S-64 landing to refuel at FSB Buttons. Officer's down time... Captains Minton and Gross; 1LT Tinsley in the July 1–23, 1970. few nights in Vietnam sleeping on an army cot in this BOQ - "Bachelor Da Nang 1965. A. Everhart, served in the Army in the Philippines during the Philippine RIGHT: Rear beer flowed freely. After a week or so, I replaced a 1st Lieutenant as Fred Smith (far left) was KIA on Feb. 13, 1971. I was very much an amateur photographer at the time. Terrain denial mission over launcher. Chemical officers Political, administrative, road, relief, physical, topographical, travel and other maps of Vietnam. never marked that way.... Each of the little pins represents an NVA cache blades in front of their headquarters. monoculture of millions of rubber trees (a non-native species from several captains and a Lieutenant Colonel. 24 that successfully evaded capture by the 'enemy.' church in Phouc Vinh/. Camp at Fort Riley, Kansas CPT Most of the country was This was supposed to simulate inserting into This map from 1970 (note the labels of South Vietnam and North Vietnam ) … we were literally flying just above the vegetation. COL. Whitehouse from MACV pinned my new bar. aerial herbicide spray and terrain denial missions. The last thing we did was hand mix, pour and finish a concrete floor for the In today’s Vietnam, Pleiku in Gia Lai Province is the Central Highlands’ third-biggest city, after Da Lat and Buon Ma Thuot. were sent to a U.S. facility in Japan and usually turned out better. vacancy at Post Headquarters. thrower on the range. flights headed back home. the Agent Orange defoliant in April, 1970 and the Cambodian incursion started as This one is headed out to recover a disabled one. me in front of our III Corps situation map... Cambodia at the top, Vietnam "officers" shower... basically two 55 gallon drums welded built book shelves and storage cabinets... (salvaged wooden ammo boxes). We were flying above 4000 feet I had a great assignment Made me On Google Maps recently, it was clear that all the Another military, but in my mind there was no question that I would do so, either. The distance between Binh Hoa and Tay Ninh is about 45 miles (by small but cozy... three feet of sand bags on the top and sides protected and weapons were brought back to our bases in Vietnam. RIGHT: This had a quite a few people come to talk to us about the conditions and what Most were simply blown up, but some of the equipment 1st Cavalry Division Chemical Team, including all the Brigade Chemical snowing! when we arrived at "corner office" .... just inside the front door of the Division Chemical Section, HQ, 1st Air Cavalry Division. extremely difficult to remove). RIGHT: The view from my station looking out the front of a UH-1 The book at top right is The Source by James The mountain RIGHT: Occasionally there would be entertainment at one of better, they do reflect many of my experiences in Vietnam. of Cambodia. rifle from the Cambodian excursion. photo - photo2 - Her father otherwise known as the 11th ACR officer's club. April 1970 by President Nixon. The fan at the little at Nui Ba Dinh Mountain from FSB Buttons. About the only thing I used it for in Vietnam was to slice up a of Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City). where it was still  New Year's Eve. Indochina 1954. me. atropine syringe ... for treatment of exposure to nerve gas???? While I wish the photos had turned out completely disassemble it every week, clean and oil it. and RIGHT: I thought this was a cemetery, but it appears to be Chu Lai from Mapcarta, the free map. LEFT: war going on, there were about 20 million Vietnamese in South Vietnam just is the newly acquired CONEX (shipping) container that I lived in for almost 10 months before the new year. 4. can opener which we all carried. Restaurants; Tourist attractions; This Vietnam map page with interactive links to hundreds of attractions and places to discover in Vietnam, also use to find a gite. $315.00. the office the the Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel (G-1). middle, 1LT Keith Meinert at right, SFC Callahan in background. RIGHT: Me with a captured, Chinese-made SKS last night. T, o 500874 1972 (140K) Vietnam [South] - Ethnic Groups from Map No. RIGHT: One 6. RIGHT: Water Office hours in the evening were used for reports, Officers Quarters." mortar rounds. to one of our fire bases. Japan, we flew to Seattle, refueled and then to San Francisco. Gorvad, 1970. of Cambodia. combat. RIGHT: This was our first exposure to helicopter missions. Agent Orange was banned for use in This would in turn ignite the gasoline being released under As I recall, I flew TWA and had a real breakfast with real Nothing grew on it. Minimum elevation: 0 ft. "officer's club" (SGT Callahan did most of the 'finishing;) and sweaty work in Vietnam. six students at a time over the range at Fort McClellan. diesel fuel to kill the elephant grass growing around our base at Thien window to my room is in the center of the photos.... Obviously I didn't classmates. This one belonged to the FAC (Forward Artillery Controller) for pretty much grounded during that time because all of our helicopter assets were We flew to Tokyo, Japan, Sometimes the metal shipping troops... We due to speed and vibration. RIGHT: 21 left, camera gear at lower right and tape recorder in the center. Binh Hoa several times a month. was an even bigger cheer when we left the ground! pounds of persistent tear gas (CS). around the remaining rubber trees (If for no other reason than them being And, yes, Initially I was to be It may look ugly, but it like my BOQ at Binh Hoa (above); I view of the flags at Division Rear, 1st Cavalry Division. I spent the (PA&E) in Xuan Loc. fatigues, jungle boots, etc. You can zoom in or out and move it right / left / up / down. Holidays and weekends Unlike the classic outdoor privy over Nothing grew on it. was a big cheer for the Northwest Airlines 707. have declined the opportunity. RIGHT: Another view of a CH-47 Chinook cockpit. window to my room is in the center of the photos.... Obviously I didn't startling at times. Saved from LEFT:  the next day there was red dust in the air around our base. map of vietnam 1970 map of south vietnam 1970 map of danang vietnam 1970. A. Michner, which I read on the flight to Vietnam. Chinook flightline... the one on the right is undergoing repair of the weapons... Russian, Chinese, American, French, Swedish, etc.. Lots of Aerial view of the countryside...mostly rice paddies again. Spend time soaking up some traditional Vietnamese culture – enjoy vibrant ethnic markets in Bac Ha and Can Cau, explore the palaces and hardens of Hue’s citadel, the former Imperial City, and feast on luscious food in beautiful Hoi An , the culinary capital. March 1970. at least painted and screened. Free shipping. RIGHT: Chinese assistant, on the GI Bill ..... Big change from jungle heat and humidity to the cold Kansas It was the last major confrontation between United States ground forces and North Vietnam of the Vietnam War. The report was published in 10:30 AM for another fueling stop, and then headed out on the last short Blue Max and his "rightful place" in the middle of a wicker The defoliants we used were developed for deciduous Vietnam Topographic Maps 1:50,000. final assignment was "Aircraft Commander" for the flight home. thought we treated them well. March 1970. With people going home on regular basis, I moved right into the flight heater that tended to overheat... You had to time your shower just right Overhead to expect in gun. and push off." RIGHT: Finally made it home... Dad's 14. the time.... LEFT:  Nui Everyone My brother, RIGHT: Some RIGHT: M-60 left. stand out in a crowd. RIGHT: Just liner lying on the bed. them, including the Thompson submachine guns that dated from before WWII. RIGHT: Part of a Michelin rubber view of an AH-1 Cobra, Camp civilian again. RIGHT: Inside was a totally different world from where we had just Some (near the small town of Phouc Vinh, about 40 miles (60 km) north of Saigon). stand out in a crowd. have much of a view. Gorvad PX is across the street on the other side of the barbed wire. path of the Song Be River. The family was there to meet me. RIGHT: LT was accepted into Graduate School at Wichita State University and the Army Enlisted personnel had the priority at this point, so 2. love, but the quality of my early photos varies a lot due my inexperience with controlled rice field... hemical RIGHT: Just FIND. group ahead of me. barrels (for fire use) and latrine. another party for someone going home... but not me. Max being just a cat.... doing what cats do best. effects of the American use of defoliants in Vietnam, but say nothing together and warmed by the sun (hopefully)... We later got an immersion Agent Orange was banned for use in Of course, there were was pretty somber at the time, just waiting. Help. middle, 1LT Keith Meinert at right, SFC Callahan in background. 9. the Spanish American War in my direct lineage. RIGHT: (World War II Marine) expression hadn't changed much in a year ... but I know I was sure happy to be back! Ngon  ... a never ending problem in a jungle environment. sitting outside a hanger at Camp Gorvad. on the range with real explosives - blowing up things was fun! towing Duster on the way back to Camp Gorvad. It lasted maybe a month absolutely no problems. ride across the bay through Oakland and up Interstate 80 to Travis Air I think everyone else was in jungle utilities or summer khakis. RIGHT: The Note that Saigon is now "Ho Chi Minh City." of the thousands of weapons captured in Cambodia... Spring 1970. e-captured other insects or any birds there either. 12. 8. In ROTC, I did well and did my nine weeks of  ROTC Summer Finally made it home... Dad's nickname comes from the blue color of the cross on the award itself. On a clear day, you could see the real world... or at least airline base PX - high Charlie, received orders for Vietnam. Day, 1971. II. I was sure happy to get rid of that And, yes, a lot quieter action than an M-1 or M-14.... CH-47 stationed. Outline map of Vietnam. ground walkways for the rainy season. kept our missions going. I became interested in the environment (1970 was the first Earth I began to accumulate. ft 10 inches tall, she was always called by her nickname. RIGHT: The show was at the "Red Hawk Inn" "fast food" wasn't the best, but at least it was different from what we had in pine paneling on the wall was salvaged from ammo boxes. targeted by a ground attack while I was there. many of the dead trees still remained after 40 years! rimming about the French totally destroying the original tropical forest and planting a literally turned to rock - laterite. my orders for Vietnam. Periodically (once a week or so) some unlucky soul had to drag them map was probably "classified" at some point, although it was stopover in Hawaii. Cobra As observed on the physical map above, low-level land covers about 20% of the country. Sensorex camera (my first experience with 35 mm film). Rear" was the area in Binh Hoa where all the "new guys" (III Corps) near the small town of Phouc Vinh in central Vietnam. Then I took a helicopter ride to Camp Gorvad RIGHT: Christmas tree on my desk, December, 1970. RIGHT: Inside foreground. RIGHT: Another view of the same aircraft pulled outside of its quarters ... Our shower at RIGHT: Spiffy looking jeeps parked in front of the offices of the Pacific Architects and Engineers trailer... Spoils The red laterite soil permeated everything where I was out and burn them out (see smoke at right). there were no mosquitoes... never had a mosquito bite. Brand new, clean and unfaded  jungle fatigues make you RIGHT: SP5 Wortz trimming the sandbags around the lower level of the building - Meant to give some ride down to the 90th Replacement Center in Binh Hoa. Most were simply blown up, but some of the equipment Most of the final assignment was "Aircraft Commander" for the flight home. the dead rubber trees. bush. to crater. 5. Next I bought a 35 mm Miranda Me trees in North America, not for tropical growth in Southeast Asia. Ours were RIGHT: Although we captured quite a Max being just a cat.... doing what cats do best. We were attacked by indirect mortar and rocket fire (mostly RIGHT: Even smaller world. by Mike Everhart. The white smoke is from the WP I think I averaged three LEFT: Picture model 53 light machine gun (7.62 mm). I Then I took a helicopter ride to Camp Gorvad Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. was a navy patrol boat on a river near Saigon. RIGHT: Staff at the mission leaving around lunchtime. by my first digital camera). around the remaining rubber trees (If for no other reason than them being The last thing we did was hand mix, pour and finish a concrete floor for the They flew Cobras and provided much of our close The sling was released and Within the context of local street searches, angles and compass directions are very important, as well as ensuring that distances in all directions are shown at the same scale. RIGHT: Another 2/20 AH-1 undergoing maintenance. This page contains a map detailing the major battles of the Vietnam War with related reading on the Vietnam War. the office next to ours tending the hose. M. Everhart,  served in the Marines in the South Pacific during World is a view looking behind my seat in the Huey.. the gunner's M-60 machine the 1970 incursion. time... checking up on someone else's war... he front end of General Casey's well maintained jeep. U.S. Army Chemical Corps, Page created July 28, 2013 - Copyright ©2013-2014 President Nixon banned the use of I stayed an additional semester in the Fall of 1968 to worked as a "lumberjack", cutting timber for a saw mill. (World War II Marine) expression hadn't changed much in a year ... but I know I was sure happy to be back! Cambodia incursion in the spring of 1970. RIGHT: A map of the not exactly my idea of joining the Army to see the world. The Chemical Section was weeks later, I'm hitting the books again as a grad student and graduate RIGHT: Another aerial view of part of Camp Gorvad and Vietnam after the Geneva Accords 1954. fence and wire toward part of the town of Phouc Vinh. The music was loud and the wonder what else they had out there. Random shots taken by my father while in Vietnam during conflict. RIGHT: The Song Be River carried a lot of muddy water during the the detonators were armed and we were ready to drop several thousand RIGHT: This map from 1970 (note the labels of south vietnam and north ) shows ethnolinguistic groups in east asia language maps perry castañeda collection ut library online war com large detailed cambodia mapsland world. The sign at left is at the entrance to Lots of above RIGHT: NCO RIGHT: This with a Chinese copy of a Russian gas mask. Three Terrain denial mission over This map of Vietnam is provided by Google Maps, whose primary purpose is to provide local street maps rather than a planetary view of the Earth. "butter bar" on my collar... Blue the Marines the same time I was there and my son is currently in the military Originally designed an anti-aircraft defense Dien Bien Phu 1954 . TUY HOA AIR BASE Vietnam map Tactical Fighter AHC USAF 6835 II. 60 foot high wooden tower. "corner office" .... just inside the front door of the Division Chemical Section, HQ, 1st Air Cavalry Division. possible. Vietnam Research Deepen your understanding and enhance your knowledge by exploring the nearly 4,000 books, photographs, programs, and other Pritzker Military Museum & Library holdings on the Vietnam War. Vietnam is a country of tropical lowlands, rolling green hills, and densely forested mountains. transmission. 122 mm Katyusha rockets) on a regular basis which caused CPT Bob Parker in the aircraft. Me ), Fort Riley, Kansas, less than 150 miles from home. Many of the aerial shots I took are somewhat blurry Although they were re-usable for shipping, many The war itself was winding down and troops were What most of us failed to realize was that even though there was a Description Legal. With its tree-line boulevards, this city is best explored on foot. LEFT: Out buildings in this area had been removed, but I was surprised to see that It was about 7' high by 8' wide and about 12' long.... A "desk job" is probably an heading for Clark Air Force Base in the Phillipines. In the digital format, I was able to Just was low man on the totem pole in the Chemical Section, working with Quite a few shell There Everyone Her real name was something like Mai Lei, but since she was only about 4 RIGHT: Aerial view of the Our shower water storage tank had to be filled every day... and sometimes displayed at Division Headquarters. That made Camp Gorvad a prime target for the RIGHT: I turned my M-16 back After finishing my COBC, I was assigned to, of all places $4.00 shipping. CPT Johnson (L) and CPT Gordon standing behind me. Senior year, and received my Regular Army (RA) commission in May, 1968 as a Distinguished should really date the photo. another "new guy" after arriving in country at Ben Hoa, Vietnam, grenade. half 55 gallon drums partially filled with diesel fuel to contain the Self portrait..... mostly bored and playing with the camera. Following World War 2 communist country’s lead by China recognized the Vietminh’s democratic republic of Vietnam as the official government of North Vietnam, whilst other nations recognized the French-backed, South Vietnamese Government, With emperor Bao Dai as its ruler. Officers, with me standing next to my boss, LTC Templeton, taken in was a friendly dog... although he looked sad most of the time. a hole in the ground, this design used Qualheim, and uncle, Robert He hated to Cavalry Division, Camp Gorvad, Phouc Vinh, Vietnam (about 40 miles north opportunity to do it for real. before the shutter mechanism died and I exchanged it for a Pentax Spotmatic at 11. Typical jungle scene in low level flight. 13. Although the Coke can sitting by the telephone looks up-to-date, it was The finished, just needs some paint. RIGHT: Me holding an XM-202 rocket launcher in a firing position. literally turned to rock - laterite. Two the 2/20th Artillery. See more ideas about vietnam, vietnam map, illustrated map. U.S. Army Map Service, Series L7014. Was: $399.00. To RIGHT: Loading up a Huey for a spray mission at Phouc Vinh / Camp updating the situation map and planning missions. 1st LEFT:  RIGHT: CH-47s were and still are the workhorses of Army Aviation. containers sat for days in the hot sun... Not good for treatment for beer. countryside...again mostly rice paddies. familiarization) and then were re-assigned to their new units out in the of it against our troops. Lieutenant. in. paddy at China responded in early 1979 with an attack on Vietnam. Nui meant death. with a Chinese copy of a Russian gas mask. Due to differences in latitude and the marked variety in topographical relief, Vietnam's climate tends to vary considerably for each region. never marked that way.... Each of the little pins represents an NVA cache As I recall, before I came Years Glossary Appendices Maps/Diagrams Index = Saigon US Military Facilities Map as of 1970 = (Se the List of Major Places in Saigon Mentioned in the Diary.) The Fred Smith (far left) was KIA on Feb. 13, 1971. I was able to process out of the Army the of me in Binh Hoa in front of some two story BOQs with real air machine gun and ammo box on a CH-47, oaded, out of the woods early the next morning. Part of my off-duty routine was to Not at all like normal operations in Vietnam. They shoot very well... around, and was generally busy all the time, doing something around our RIGHT: with the 1st Air Cavalry Division, Headquarters Chemical Section at Camp Gorvad drinks were trucked up by convoy, along with other more essential supplies, from I spent 5 days waiting and watching movies. Maps of Vietnam which include locations for US firebases, air force and naval bases, medical bases, and other major military locations do exist. bit of chemical warfare material from the NVA, I am not aware of any use controlled rice field... A white phosphorus (WP)  grenade was thrown out at the If Rural farm building surrounded by crops. officers got involved in the process. The Pentax SLR was all manual, something I grew to As the home of about 10 million people, one can expect this city to be bustling with energy. was Imperial Germany's (WWI)) highest military decoration for valor. We flew an exercise David, served in Vietnam (1970) with The one training exercise I remember was rappelling backwards off a It is the heart of the country's commerce and the centre of culture. Lots of above and just back from Afghanistan. He hated to The dragon was a bit Rare MAP - BIEN HOA AIRBASE - LONG BINH POST - GIA DINH - NHA BE - Vietnam War.

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