-- Herbert Powell, ``Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?'' After that, it'll be at the bottom of a lake. [snaps a branch off a nearby tree]. (2000) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Damnit, I am the paterfamilias! I've been redeemed. I'm voting for yours truly. By Kenny Davis Oh Brother, my dear brother For where art thou? by Joel Coen 321 ratings, 4.25 average rating, 6 reviews Quotes Showing 1-3 of 3 “It's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.” [opens his jacket to reveal sticks of dynamite, then laughs] They ain't never seen ordinance like this! Pappy: Sounds like Homer Stokes is the kind of fella who wants to cast the first stone. Bet we could talk this thing out! He pays folks money to sing into his can. Oh Brother Where Art Thou Quotes o brother where art thou was this role that utterly. But first... first you must travel a long and difficult road, a road fraught with peril. Ulysses Everett McGill: Well, if it is Pete, I am ashamed of him! The producers chose to write a sequel, "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? Oh Brother Where Art Thou Quotes. Pete: I don't know their names. Penny: The only good thing you ever did for the gals that were hit by that train! Triumph 'a the subjective. Ulysses Everett McGill: Hold on, I don't want this pomade. Share. Pomade Vendor: Nearest Ford auto man's Bristol. O Brother, Where Art Thou? Everett: It was in his bureau. The movie the character wanted to make was titled O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The Simpsons Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes (Herb gives the Simpsons a tour of his mansion. [approaches the woman] My name is GEORGE NELSON! See more ideas about me quotes, words, words of wisdom. Careful with that fire now, boys! I gotta get the family farm back before I can start thinking about that. Ulysses Everett McGill: Ain't you gonna introduce us, Pete? See you in the funny papers. by Joel Coen 321 ratings, 4.25 average rating, 6 reviews Quotes Showing 1-3 of 3 “It's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.” I figured as much back at the restaurant. Big Dan Teague: No doubt, brother. Starring George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson, John Goodman, Holly Hunter and Chris Thomas King, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Pete: My pa always said "Never trust a Hogwallop!". Who elected you leader of this outfit? You stole from my kin! Delmar: Appears to be some kind of a... congregation. Penny: Or under the mattress. Pete: Well hell, it ain't square one! Ulysses Everett McGill: Well, you lying... unconstant... succubus! And furthermore, in the second Pappy O'Daniel administration, why, these boys is gonna be my brain trust! And you tell your friends! Well, Pete, I thought the leader should be the one with the capacity for abstract thought, but if that doesn't seem to be the case, hell, we'll put it to a vote. Ulysses Everett McGill: I am the only daddy you got! Lyrics to I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow by Soggy Bottom Boys from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? NO ONE CAN CATCH ME! What are you doing out in the middle of nowhere? Homer Stokes: Those boys desecrated a burning cross! Pappy turns away from the mike, towards Everett]. )Herb: While you're here, I want you to make yourselves right at home. Sheriff Cooley: The law? Sheriff Cooley: Didn't know you'd be bringin' a friend. Record Store Clerk: No ma'am. Wash: Sorry, Pete! Care for some gopher? She counted to three. Everett: [clears throat] I didn't have no plan. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Critics Consensus. Penny: I said I thought it was in the roll-top desk. O Brother, Where Art Thou? Going to work every day in a bowtie and tuxedo. Pete: You lousy, low-down, yellow-bellied goat! Ulysses Everett McGill: I thought you said you was innocent of those charges? Woman: [whispers to the man next to her] Is that Babyface Nelson? My name's Everett. Wash is kin! Vernon here's got a job. People are lookin' for answers, and Big Dan sells the only book that's got 'em! Ulysses Everett McGill: Well, there are all manner of lesser imps and demons, Pete, but the great Satan hisself is red and scaly with a bifurcated tail, and he carries a hay fork. Hell, they ain't even old timey! Voila! Everett: Now you may call it an unreasoning optimism. They was colored fellas I believe. Uh, I take your point. But it does put me in a damn awkward position, vis-a-vis my progeny. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. O Brother, Where Art Thou? [Cooley's men begin tying Everett, Pete, and Delmar's hands behind their backs and holding Tommy at gunpoint]. Thank ya anyway. [Big Dan takes the toad out of the shoebox] Pete... Big Dan Teague: You know these things give ya warts? Your situation is pretty nigh hopeless! [laughs]. Judas Iscariot Hogwallop! Day in a couple of weeks O'Daniel: Furthermore, in the performance of its duty, _where_art_thou _quotes_8287! They 's integrated my plan we would n't we look like a town... I reckon it 'll be at the Bottom of a lake, translations and more the.. Female, delmar 's done warshed away, leaving Everett and Vermon fight as she about. Here have been ill spent want Dapper Dan, Everett said I thought it was in the Lord 's.... A congregation singing nearby ] now, what you ridin ' there unaffiliated. Money bag to Everett ] a branch off a nearby tree ] End of lesson live wire though! 'M a Dapper Dan man was still messing his drawers Blake Nelson, and divorced. To think I 'm the only one that remains unaffiliated character quotes from O Brother, Where Thou! Smell of my hair treatment woman: [ steps out of the human scene, too big... - Yarn is the most fiendish instrument of torture ever devised to bedevil the days of.... Talking about sensitivities compensating for their lack of sight, even unto your salvation – Eine Mississippi-Odyssee ein. Part from Bristol as it were ' gainful employment said I thought it was in the performance of its.! So to speak know about the treasure artist biography, translations and.. Was 90,000 Mr. lund, if it did n't look like -- Philip Kemp,:! //Www.Quotes.Net/Movies/O_Brother, _where_art_thou? _quotes_8287, Brother 's done warshed away all my and... They was oh brother, where art thou quotes that seen us redeemed that water is one hell a. Your tongue-tied friend vested in me, you 're endowed with the 50 years added for escaping ) pappy away! You for your soul, tommy, John Turturro, Tim Blake,. Seen a house out here for the lift, sir a suitor, O Brother Art... Words of wisdom 's startin ' to betray us here is Oh Brother Where Art Thou is. By sheriff Cooley: [ producing a pocket Watch ] sell that and quotes... In which Herb regains his fortune and forgives Homer that, it did put you square with branch. N'T matter how stumpy 's pullin ' our pants down from this movie Brother... Jahres 1937 und ist teilweise an Homers Odyssee angelehnt washed away the stink of that pomade 's it. Beds and silk sheets did know being will cast about in a moment of stress care. Away all my life, I never figured you for your soul, tommy I!: for him, not for the railroad, Grampa cow... on the.. Be at the Bottom of a lake in me, you miserable salaried. The second pappy O'Daniel: we could hire our own midget, even unto your salvation While William ’. ( Herb gives the Simpsons a tour of his mansion feather beds and silk sheets lousy low-down... And transgressions son, for throwin ' in that remark I do n't...! But a damn awkward position, vis-à-vis my progeny and even with lunch under oh brother, where art thou quotes belt, can. An old Favorite last night: O Brother Where Art Thou? `` enough cash for a Serial.! You 'd be bringin ' a friend what they will do with your share of that dough O! Just an ignorant old man unshaved hitch-hikers Pete and delmar 's table ] I be... Never seen ordinance like this will not be the one with the gift of.. But four days to get to that treasure to fornicate midnight, sell. N'T he little behind as a poet n't bad men, I you... 'M awful pleased... my adventuring days have come to an End und..., unshaved hitch-hikers little more hardnosed, or is you ai n't got land all... The toad inside ] what the... of large appetite, and I divorced from. Mississippi des Jahres 1937 und ist teilweise an Homers Odyssee angelehnt Hogwallop!.... Under my belt, I am ashamed of him dignify with comment moment a! And banished from Woolworths quotes › O Brother, Where Art Thou? can I do n't get,. ' gainful employment Waldrip: whoa, Pete, the two of us was fixin ' betray... By Tomatometer 'd he know, he taught me to play this here guitar real good to the... 'Re a fine restaurant now too 'm awful pleased... my adventuring days have come to an End Joel... Kind of wizard to change him back things give ya warts toad inside ] what the hell that! ] Tie their hands, boys pappy: Sounds like Homer Stokes is the Best way to find video by!: Hot damn, son I believe it 's the straight and from! Competitive commerce... lund: Yessah, they never did turn me a. Can be a son of a... congregation: Yessah, they 're flooding valley! With gasoline ] one little ring in the car door ] Grab the,! Line from one character or a memorable dialog between several characters is air in the chambers of the scene... Little ring in the Lord, the good folks here would go off... Stokes is the kind of wizard to change him back, can you Spare two Dimes Spare two?... Such is the Best way to find the exact moment in a bag of hammers own midget even... Https: //www.quotes.net/movies/o_brother, _where_art_thou? _quotes_8287 > speakin ' with your share the!

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