The serial number will appear on the screen. Access all the great Wi-Fi enabled features on your iComfort® thermostat from our secure web portal. Not furnished - Order separately. iComfort Wi-Fi® Thermostat The communicating iComfort Wi-Fi® thermostat is an electronic 7-day programmable touch-screen thermostat with a color display. Thank you for taking time to review your iComfort® M30 Smart Thermostat and telling us about your experience. Also recognizes model and serial number information for iComfort®-enabled This data is provided directly from your Lennox equipment and cannot be edited. Yes ICOMFORT S30. ... 344, Description: Relay Y1 Stuck, iComfort serial number: Kl19G25962. Step 2: My Profile: Enter your name and phone number to create your profile Step 3: My Systems: Enter your home information. The iComfort ® Mobile App is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Use the arrows to scroll down to the Dealer Number or Dealer Phone setting. thermostat also recognizes model and serial number information for iComfort ... iComfort S30 Thermostat (includes high definition display with Mag-Mount wall mount and Smart Hub Controller) Dimensions: High Definition Display (H x W x D) - 5 x 7-1/2 x 1 in. 1. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Thermostat Lennox iComfort S30 User Manual. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lennox iComfort S30 and E30 at iComfort® S30 Smart thermostat, iHarmony® zoning and a PureAir™ system can be added to qualifying systems for additional rebates. (See pictures for detail)I do not have the original packaging or documentation. First method: ... choose Status and touch IMEI information. Your frustration is understandable, and we would like to see how we can help. Second method: Type in the following code *#06# on the phone's dialer. If there are more than 4 wires, you will need to add a Lennox "Equipment Interface Module" part number 10T50 in order for it to work. I've seen this a few times over a couple of months. XC20 2-5 TON AIR CONDITIONERS The iComfort® S30 Thermostat recognizes and connects to all iComfort® Communicating products to automatically configure and control the heating/cooling system (based on user-specified settings) for the highest level of comfort, performance and efficiency. Also recognizes model and serial number information for iComfort® Communicating The serial number for iComfort WI-FI Thermostat, iHarmony ®, or iComfort S30 is required for the system rebate. Color Touchscreen Programmable Wi-Fi Communicating Thermostat. The plastic on the thermostat and bracket are bright white with little to no sun damage. Love the thermostat after … Sucees! Tips & Tricks CATERPILLAR S30 Check CATERPILLAR S30 IMEI number. Page 12: Iharmony Zoning Table 2. This provides your Lennox equipment reference information such as serial number and model number. Using the mobile app you can control your thermostat remotely from anywhere in the world (as long as it is connected to the Internet) and you can also take advantage of additional smart features such … Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information) Optimized for Signature, Elite, Merit To be eligible for a system rebate, the homeowner must purchase one qualifying product from each category: Outdoor, Indoor, and Control. iComfort S30 thermostat pdf manual download. GatewaySN - The serial number of a gateway associated with your account. getGatewayInfo(params) Retrieves information about a gateway (thermostat) associated with your account. the description is Watch guard - Calibration Failure Alarm 276. Let's have a look to all possible methods of getting access to IMEI and Serial Number in CATERPILLAR S30. By checking IMEI Number you can find more useful and hidden information like CATERPILLAR S30 Serial Number or Wi-Fi MAC Address. Uses 4-wire, 18-gauge standard thermostat wiring. Certainly not consisten. The screen has no scratches, marks or scuffs. Press the edit button. Rebate offer is valid June 25, 2018 through August 3, 2018. ; TempUnit - A integer which indicates which temperature units to use to represent values from the gateway. Excellent! I have a 1 year old system with the Lennox non wifi iComfort thermo installed. RSBus − Residential Serial Bus − the means for transmitting data within the communicating system. params - Object:. I can't get a pin number from my Lennex icomfort 30 thermostat in order connect my thermostat to my app on my Iphone. View and Download Lennox IComfort S30 installation and setup manual online. Variable capacity systems will stage electric heat but not on dif- equipment type name, unit model number, unit serial number, unit ferentials. iComfort Wi‐Fi ® Thermostat iComfort ... phone number is the dealer's main office phone number. The serial number for iComfort WI-FI Thermostat, iHarmony ®, or iComfort S30 is required for the system rebate. Online access to your iComfort® system. With the iComfort S30 and iComfort E30 supporting Alexa, you can now control the temperature in your home by simply providing detailed voice commands that Alexa and your iComfort thermostat will recognize. icomfort Thermostat Terms and Acronyms Subnet Controller (SC): (part of the communicating thermostat) Local device that controls the system. Also recognizes model and serial number information for iComfort ... Dealer Dashboard features online real-time monitoring of installed iComfort systems. Enter the Dealer Number or Dealer Phone Number using the on … It also offers enhanced capabilities which include: humidification measurement and control, dew point adjustment control, dehumidification measurement and control, 2. This unit wholesales for $115 from Lennox Parts Plus store. Subnet: A part of the communication network that contains devices to control one functional HVAC system. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lennox iComfort S30 and E30 at Each zone in an iHarmony zoning system can have its own individual schedule, so your heating and cooling can more closely match your routine and lifestyle. I am getting a system alert Code 31 on IComfort S30. Bought an Lennox iComfort Wifi thermostat on ebay. Yout IMEI number should appaar on the screen.

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